Fellow Travelers! Save 25% On Your TrustedHousesitters Membership (Discount Code)

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Travel with TrustedHousesitters

Today we’re happy to share with all #CreativeTribes readers a special discount code that will save you 25 percent when you join TrustedHousesitters, the world’s #1 housesitting and pet-sitting site!

As noted in our recent Digital Nomad Mentoring post, Katharine and I have become top-ranked housesitters (and pet sitters!) throughout the five-plus years that we’ve been tapping into the wonderful opportunities which TrustedHousesitters affords travelers like us who love to live in beautiful homes for free and for extended periods of time, as opposed to shelling out lots of money for hotels, bed and breakfasts, gîtes or Airbnb rentals!

House-sitting for TrustedHousesitters clients is, in fact, a key means by which we do what we do — that is, to continually slow travel overland throughout Britain and Europe (with the rest of the world always beckoning us as well!) — and which we’ve now been doing for six full years. And loving it all the while.

TrustedHousesitters.com SAVE 25% off your membership plan

If you’re ready to tap into this amazing opportunity to help fund your own world travels, you can now get a 25% discount on your TrustedHousesitters membership simply by entering the discount code RAF86485 at the checkout. And while you’ll save 25% on your membership, we’ll get 2 free months of membership — so it’s a definite win-win!

Also, if you’d benefit from expert help in preparing for your own digital nomad or personal travel path, we’d love to help you chart your own unique adventures ahead. Click here to learn more about our digital nomad mentoring services.

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