Best Practices for Managing Your Distributed Team — #CreativeTribes AMA with DevriX’s Mario Peshev

Earlier this year, #CreativeTribes hosted an AMA Live Chat with Mario Peshev, founder and CEO of DevriX, a distributed agency of 25 people delivering high-end WordPress solutions and growth [...]

Mobile App Development: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly — #CreativeTribes AMA with Ramon C. Pastor

Earlier this year, #CreativeTribes hosted an AMA Live Chat with Ramon C. Pastor, co-founder and CEO of Rogomi, Inc., a cross-platform mobile app development company based in the Philippines. [...]

How to Double Your Income As a Freelancer: #CreativeTribes AMA with Becky Mollenkamp

This story starts with your average freelancer: a writer who worked for hire, fishing gigs. Like all freelancers, she followed a well-worn path — one of working on her business but not owning it. [...]

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