48-Hour Weekend Offer: #CreativeTribes Web Design

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48-Hour Offer - #CreativeTribes Web Design

Learn more about our #CreativeTribes Web Design services. As you’ll see, you’ll be getting much more than just topnotch web design. You’ll also get access to our wealth of strategic marketing and writing expertise.

  • “For the first time I feel completely happy with a website. I loved working with Sean and Katharine — they were professional, respectful of my ideas but with really useful, pertinent and creative input themselves. They were consistently punctual in their responses and with the added bonus of being lovely people to work with. What was most important for me was that they listened and took on board the essence of what I was wanting to create — and I’ve had lots of lovely compliments about the website.”
    ~ Rosie, artisan perfumer-entrepreneur
  • “Sean M. Madden and Katharine Kassalias are an outstanding team of web designers. They have, by far, exceeded expectations. I literally cried (happy tears) when they revealed the final product. It was everything I wanted and more. I now feel very confident approaching the press and reviewers because of the website they created for me.”
    ~ Rachael, radio host and author
  • “Sean M. Madden and Katharine Kassalias designed my website and gave me exactly the features I was looking for. I really like having a WordPress (.com) site, because it’s so easy to use — you don’t have to know HTML code, etc.; and updating it is about as easy as revising an MS Word document. Sean and Katharine are very professional; they know the latest cutting-edge web design features (even though I didn’t personally choose to use all such features). They are pleasant and personable to work with; I especially like that they do Skype sessions with you; it’s like they’re right there in the room with you as you develop your website. They’re out to do a good job, and will make suggestions on how to improve your site.”
    ~ James, author-historian

Ready to tap into our 48-Hour Weekend Offer? Simply click on the relevant link below, and you’ll be taken to a secure PayPal web page for you to complete your purchase:

  • OPTION 1: Self-Hosted WordPress .org Website (up to 20 design hours): Buy Now!
  • OPTION 2: Hosted WordPress .com Website (up to 10 design hours): Buy Now!

Please note that Option 1 (Self-Hosted .org) will require that you purchase a web-hosting plan (we’re happy to help you with this), and requires a bit more complexity, both during the design phase and in terms of general use. However, it will give you a professional platform that can grow to accommodate your future business needs.

Whereas, Option 2 (Hosted .com) provides for free-hosting and greater simplicity in terms of day-to-day use. Additional paid-for features (e.g., premium theme, domain mapping, no ads) are also available within WordPress.com.

Once you’ve purchased one of the above two special offers, you can get started straight away by answering a few questions to help us understand your specific needs and vision. Just click hereThank you for completing our web design Typeform — once it’s received, we’ll get back with you shortly and look forward to meeting and talking with you!

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